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Residential Storage Units

We know how it is ...

Life regularly throws stressful situations at us... like moving your home or a loved one’s, deciding to co-habitate with a special someone, or saying goodbye to a family member and having to figure out what to do with all their stuff. These are things that make storage an immediate necessity.

We offer a full range of unit sizes as well as specialized solutions for students and apartment dwellers.

Book online or call us at (306) 717-9095 and find out how we can help you make more space in your life.

All That clutter

Plus there are all the seasonal things that might be absolutely essential in summer, but can feel like unwelcome clutter come winter, and vice versa. Same goes for spring and fall.

At Life Space Storage, we want to make your decision to store your precious belongings as easy on you as possible. We have the knowledge and supplies to get you up and running, the options to fit your needs no matter how much or how little space you need, and a facility that was designed with security in mind, so you can store without worry.

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